What’s that Four-Letter Word?

194187_101702469915600_3437870_oThe smallest things can change the world. For instance, one really small, four-letter word has impacted the world in a way that, arguably nothing else ever has. It’s impact has been so large that people give everything that they have and spend many sleepless nights dreaming about it. It has saved people from self-destructive actions, it has caused people to sacrifice themselves (even their lives), and it has been the one thing that everyone from every time period could probably ever agree on. What is that word that has reached every corner of the world you ask? If you haven’t already guessed it, which I am pretty sure that you have (because that is how powerful and recognizable it is), that four-letter word is love.

Divine Mercy in My Soul is a diary written by Sister M. Faustina Kowalska, better known as St. Faustina. St. Faustina lived in the early part of the 20th century in Poland. She was blessed with visions of Jesus and had a relationship with Him that was marked by mystic experiences. Jesus would frequently speak to her, and He eventually showed St. Faustina that she was to try to get the Catholic Church to celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday (which is the Sunday after Easter Sunday that we now celebrate). He also gave her the Chaplet of Divine Mercy to pray and share with others. I will post more about this topic in a future post, but for our conversation now, I wanted to bring to the table one interaction in her diary that stood out to me because of how powerful it is. It goes as follows:

“When I received Holy Communion, I said to Him, ‘Jesus, I thought about You so many times last night,’ and Jesus answered me, ‘And I thought of you before I called you into being.’ ‘Jesus, in what way were You thinking of me?’ ‘In terms of admitting you to My eternal happiness.’ After these words, my soul was flooded with the love of God. I could not stop marveling at how much God loves us. ”

I always read that and am amazed at how beautiful it is. We were loved even before we existed! We are looked at by God with fondness and love, we are undeservedly loved and accepted. We all run around looking for love from other people, but sometimes people let us down and that kind of love is not perfect. God loves us unconditionally. He is the One Who created us, knows EVERYTHING about us, and He also knows everything that will be about us. You know what the awesome thing is, though? He still loves us, despite the fact that He knows all of that. I find it hard to love others when I find out unsavory details about them, so it blows my mind that God can love like that. He calls us to do the same. He wants us to try to love others in that same kind of amazing way.

God’s love is free, and not because it is cheap like the free stuff they give you at college open houses, but, rather, because it is perfect. You and I do not love perfectly, therefore, we find it hard to understand this and we give up more easily than we wish that we did on love and we withhold it from those that we deem unworthy of it. God isn’t like that, He loves everyone even though we are all unworthy of His love. He will love us in the good times of our lives and His love is what sustains us in the dark parts of our lives. God’s love can be felt in an overwhelming feeling and it can also be felt in the actions of others. God’s love has put meaning into my life, and I know that anyone who pursues this love will tell you the same. Love without catches, imperfections, and impatience is what God offers, and there is no where else that this kind of love can be found. Not in friendships, not in marriages, not in any other relationship can perfect love exist. It is a mystery to us, yet we are drawn to it by it’s very power. God’s love heals and binds, and it NEVER lets you down. Once we know God’s love, we cannot contain it. We share it with others and we run after God’s heart.

I wish I could more eloquently and understandably explain this, but honestly, the love of God is something that needs to be experienced in order to understand it. I encourage you to seek out this love. I guarantee that God is patiently waiting for you to come to Him. If you haven’t already, I know you will be glad when you do.

This life isn’t easy in any sense of the word. God never promised that it would be, but He does promise to love us through it and into eternity. God Bless you and I hope you come back to share in God’s love together next week : )


Father, help us to be able to recognize and feel Your love that You have had for us even before we were called into being. Help us to burn with that love in our souls so that we may share that love with others. Lord, you are all that we need and please be all that we desire. Let your love fill our lives, homes,  workplaces, schools, and our society. Only You can make us whole and please humble us so that we may see that. Thank you for all of the blessings that You have given us and help us to strive to do Your will. In Jesus’ Name we ask these things. Amen.

Bible Study on God’s Love:

John 3: 16

Romans 8: 28-39

1 John 4: 7-21


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