Teacup Tizzy

Yesterday, I went to a Purity Bible study at a close friend of mine’s house. It was a blessed evening with godly women who have a heart for the Lord. Unfortunately, the day proceeding the Bible study was not as great. Did you ever have one of those days where you just let stupid really insignificant stuff bother the heck out of you? Well, for me, yesterday was that day.

I had been planning on bringing these really cool edible teacups to the Bible study last night. I had been eyeing the recipe for awhile now, and I thought that my friend who hosted the purity night would really like them. So my older sister and I took a drive over to our local food store… annoyance number one. I like to go food shopping (in fact I just like shopping in general), but when our food store gets crowded, not only is it crowded but the people get rude. Now, I am not necessarily talking about the things they say, but how they act is really rude. People dive bomb in front of your moving cart to get into an aisle before they have to wait for you to pass them. It drives me insane. I was doing my best to keep my head and be patient, which I managed to do until we got out of the store, at which point I complained to my sister about the scenario. To this she said that she did not really think it was that way at all. I think the worst part is that I know there were a few times that I dive bombed another person, and I think I cut in front of a lady… and I didn’t apologize. I was ticked off at a bunch of people for behaving rudely, which so happened to be the same way that I was behaving.

Then we got home. Time to make these teacups that I had to dish out seventeen dollars for (needless to say I will not be making them very often- meaning rarely). I had about two hours until  I had to leave for the Bible study. I started cutting the sugar cones to form the wall of the teacups. I was soon upset with the few cones that were ruined during this process. Then I was going crazy over the melted chocolate not setting instantaneously and the mousse not being as thick as I had hoped (and I also managed to get it on the floor). My older sister was helping me to make the teacups and my younger sister cleaned up the mousse on the floor. I also bought the wrong kind of cookies for the base of the teacups, and my Mom was so kind as to run out and  get the right ones. She also prepared the cookies for teacup assembly. I was upset at this point, especially because the teacups did not look exactly like the picture online.

At the end of the process, I only had a short amount of time to get ready for the Bible study and I looked like quite the slob at that point.  So I ran upstairs and tried to do my hair. As expected, it was not cooperating with me. I was getting really upset at this point (I felt like crying-stupid, I know). Since I was upset about this, I said something in a rude way to my Mom, which I regret. I was letting all of this ridiculous stuff dictate how I felt and how I was treating others. My younger sister saw that I was struggling and instead of telling me to suck it up and stop being so silly, she came over and did my hair for me and understood that I was having a bad day (even if it was for silly reasons). She did a much nicer job with my hair than I could have done.

Now that I’ve rattled on and on about my day that was bad but not as bad as I thought it was, I want to get to my point. All around my annoying stupidity, there were people all around me who love me and were helping me even though I did not really deserve their help or compassion. I was acting like a baby (although babies are much better behaved than this saying implies) and my family was giving me unconditional, undeserved love. They were mirroring how Jesus loves us. I can’t imagine that the Lord was too happy with my behavior yesterday, but I do think he understood that I was in need of a little loving. My family acted as Jesus to me in my life. My story yesterday has many lessons that I could rattle off, like don’t let stupid things get to you, don’t wait until the last minute to do things, and don’t judge others when you are behaving just as badly (if not worse). But what stood out to me the most was the love that I was met with by those that God has put into my life. God acts in the people around us, and sometimes we forget to look for this. Yesterday was a clear reminder to me that God loves me and that He expresses this love in the people that He surrounds me with. I think it is a good practice to try to look for these reminders of God’s love in our everyday lives. It is a practice that I need to do more often as well. I know that it can only bring good things with it, and God will reveal Himself to us in this way. God Bless. 


Father, help us to cleansed of ourselves. We constantly make ourselves the center of our own worlds when this simply is not so. Please Lord, help us to see your love in our lives especially through the actions of others that You have placed in our lives. Please help us to fix our eyes on You and to see You in other people. Help us to extend this same kind of love to others. We thank you and praise you Lord, in Jesus’ Name we pray. Amen.

Bible Study:

1 Corinthians 13

Recipe for teacups (if you are brave enough after reading this):



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