What Comes Next???

Hey everyone, in all honesty, I had no idea about what to write about today. So my Dad gave me a good idea to see what people think about the very important issue of death and dying and life and living. So in order to get an idea of where everyone is coming from, I would like to know where you guys all stand on the issue of death. Depending if I can get enough interaction on the poll, I can discuss this topic more next week. Share this with your friends, I’d like to see what everyone thinks. Don’t be shy and and don’t be afraid to comment 🙂 God Bless!


One thought on “What Comes Next???

  1. It just came to my attention, which is sad considering that I am Catholic, that another option could be that we either go to heaven, purgatory, or hell depending on how we live our lives. If you agree with this you can vote for “We go to heaven or hell depending upon how we lived our lives” and please leave a comment that that you also want to include purgatory! Sorry for the mix up, especially because this could skew the results a bit.

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