Fighting for Life

It is scary to be a baby in today’s world. Ironic how none of them know it, but this is a true statement. Particularly, this is a dangerous time to be an unborn baby. Yes, I said it- an unborn baby, not an unborn fetus, a baby. Plain and simple. We have come so far in some areas in society, such as being able to treat cancers, go to space, and communicate with someone living across the globe at unbelievable speed. Yet, we have regressed in so many  other areas, and the main one that I will be talking about today is abortion. Abortion makes me feel like we live among vikings. I know that sounds weird, but it correlates. Vikings, as most people know, were infamous for their brutality and the horrors that they committed while ransacking other villages. Vikings would even go so far as to kill babies (and in a way that I would rather not describe). Today, we kill babies, but we are worse than the vikings because we try to cover it up and call it something pretty like a “medical procedure” or an “abortion.”

Science has proven that life begins at conception, yet people love to deny this for convenience sake   (scientific quotes about life beginning at conception). We call a baby a zygote, an embryo, and a fetus in order to numb ourselves of the fact that there is human life in the womb. Semantics is our cop-out. In a day and age of incredible advances all around us, we use a different words to hide the fact that we are still acting like this. Many feminists (though not all) today will support abortion, yet they probably do not even realize that early feminists were dead-set against abortion. Click here to take a look at feminists’ pro-life views (follow the directions on the page)

I have heard it said that abortion makes women to be just like a man- who does not carry children. Just as the President of Live Action Lila Rose stated once in reference to contraceptives (and I am paraphrasing), “Why are we treating fertility like a disease?” I wonder the same thing , too. Why in such an advanced world do we need to make women just like men in order to be considered free and equal. I thought feminism was about embracing femininity? Shouldn’t men and women be equals while embracing their differences?

Abortion kills a child, I can’t put it any other way. People can fight and fight all day about who is right and it still won’t change the fact that there is a living child in the womb.  It won’t change the fact that abortion is wrong, and it certainly won’t bring back 56,662,169 (and counting) babies who have died from abortion since Roe vs. Wade was put into action in 1973. Unfortunately when people realize just how horrible this is, it will be too late. Do you know how I know this? Because it already is too late. 56,662,169+ babies are all dead. All in the name of “women’s rights”. Where are the rights of the unborn in this? There are none, and many people do not care. What gets worst is that not only do they not care, they support it. This is the state of our world and it will never get better until we change this.

We need to pray for those who support and condone this kind of behavior. It simply contradicts God’s Law and it goes against what even non-Christians could rationalize as humane behavior. Abortion kills a child, and can emotionally kill a mother. Pro-life crisis pregnancy centers, sidewalk counselors, prayer warriors, and those who sign petitions, vote, and fight for pro-life legislation are all contributing (and I am sure there are other ways to help that I did not mention). Be a part of the fight for life. Fight for the lives of both the mother and the unborn baby. In whatever capacity you are called, do not be afraid and stand up for ALL HUMAN LIFE!

As Christians, we know that life begins at conception because God tells us so in His Word. We need to be strong and stand up for the voiceless. We need to be hope to those who feel hopeless (like mothers and fathers who are scared), and we need to be warriors both in our hearts and out in the world. God is the Victor, we already know that, but He has entrusted us with this task, and we need to see it through. God bless you all and I encourage you to bring the message of the beauty and joy of life to your communities, schools,  workplaces, and to the polls.

I would love to hear from you, so please feel free to leave a comment!

Mother Teresa Speech to the UN Women’s Conference in Beijing:

Scripture about the Sanctity of Life:

*56662169 stat from:


4 thoughts on “Fighting for Life

  1. Amen. Grace and peace be un†o you from God our Fa†her and †he Lord Jesus Chris†. Amen.
    Amen. †hank you for pos†ing God our Crea†or’s Way and His perfec†ru†h of life. . . Amen.
    In nomine Pa†ris e† Filii Jesus * Yeshua * Immannuel e† Spiri†us Sanc†i. Amen. < IXOYE
    Here is a few more refrences regarding †he Way, †he †ru†h and †he life < IXOYE:

    • Thanks for the comment! I am glad that you liked the post. I find it overwhelming at times to think about how much evil there is in the world. Tat is when I have to remember that the Truth will always stand, that God is bigger than Satan, and that the culture of death cannot win in the end. Thanks for the links, I appreciate you sending them. God Bless.

  2. Thank you for this! And adding links to back up the facts posted in here. It gives anyone who disagrees something more to read. Such as life beginning at conception. Science is on the pro-life side. Unfortunately, that doesn’t matter to some.

    • Thank you so much- I am glad that you liked it! Unfortunately we live in a culture of convenience, and people will come up with anything in order to justify it. We just need to keep pressing on in whatever capacities that we are called in order to defend life. Science is on the pro-life side, but more importantly, God is on the pro-life side. God Bless.

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