A Valentine for the Valentine-less

So you’re single again this Valentine’s Day. I am right there with you. But what if I told you that you don’t have to be single? What if I told you that you could decide whether or not you want to spend the day alone? You are probably thinking that I am starting a pitch for a dating website or service, but I assure you that I am not. Nor is this an attempt to persuade you to ask someone out.

This is my attempt to help you see that you don’t have to be Valentine-less on Valentine’s day. How, you ask? Because you already have Valentine. Many of us (though not all) may have marriage down the road in our lives. You do not have to know your future spouse yet in order to love them. Let me repeat, you do NOT have to know your future spouse in order to love them! The spiritual side of your relationship should hopefully start before you even swap googly eyes for the first time. It is extremely important to pray for your future spouse. You do not know their current needs in life- they could be living the high life and in good shape or they could have a painstakingly empty wallet (the kind that has cobwebs forming inside). They could be totally in love with God, or they could be in their darkest moment and shunning Him. It is SUPER important to be including them into your prayer life because you never know how far your prayers will go.

Another spiritual aspect of this relationship comes into the area of physicality. What are you doing to stay pure for them- and I am not just referring to sex? We are bombarded with constant messages of lust disguised as love, and self-pleasure being the ultimate of happiness-es. Instead of heading out this weekend to partake of the pornographic and downright messed up 50 Shades of Grey, why don’t you go out and love someone in your life and do something kind for them. I can guarantee that when you do this kind of a thing you will come out a better person (even if just a little), unlike going out and indulging in lustful pleasure and having no regard for your future spouse, God, or yourself, you can only end up coming out a little more damaged than before you started. These things may seem small, but they are a HUGE deal. Satan tries to cloak these things that cause us to spiritually die, and he tries to make them look like no big deal, just a book/movie, a fun time, and not harming anyone. The harm is being done, it just might take longer for you to realize it. When we engage in these thoughts, movies, etc. we are stripping ourselves and the person we lust after of their human dignity. Not to mention we are freely giving to others what belongs to our future spouse (I mean we give of our feelings and of our purity and pervert what God created for holiness).

We are all created in God’s image and likeness- how we treat each other (and ourselves) should be a reflection of that. The point of my rant is this, we are NOT our own, and we need to act like it. This goes for even those of us who may never take that walk down the aisle. This message even applies to married and unmarried couples alike. WE ARE NOT OUR OWN! In this modern world of blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and all of that other good stuff, I have no doubt that you have heard this before. But sometimes stating the obvious is what we need- pure and simple truth. God loves you. God loves you and He longs to be your Valentine. He does not want to settle for one day of the year, though. He wants to be with you every moment of every day, for your entire life… and then He wants to spend eternity with you. So if we change our perspective from, “I hate being alone,” “I want a boyfriend now,” etc. to that of “what can I do to be more loving?”, “what is that God asks of me today?”, and “God loves me unconditionally for all of eternity” then I think we will be picking up on the spirit of Valentine’s Day better than people who have a date Saturday night. I know this is all easier said than done, but the fact that it does take work and that it is a journey with ups and downs (and a God Who will instantaneously forgive us when we mess up and repent) makes it more worth it in the end, and your relationships will be better for it. So go ahead and enjoy Valentine’s Day- you are loved and you don’t need a date to know that 😉

Bible Verses About Love and Purity:

John 3:16-17

1 John 4:18-19

Matthew 5:27-28

Ephesians 5:21-33

Colossians 3:5-14

Romans 8:38-39

Romans 12:9-21


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